The Hidden Cost of Free Food

Think about the last time you encountered unplanned food. Was it a breakfast or lunch at work or a conference? Donuts brought in by a coworker to say thank you? Samples of a food you’ve never had before (and that you would never buy) in a store? These extra, unplanned calories add up and can take a toll on health and weight as they pile up on us. Here are my three tips to navigating free food…

Food, Nutrition, and Agriculture, oh my!

If you’ve heard any of my presentations lately, you’ve heard me say the food and nutrition conversation just keeps getting bigger. Now, layered on top of food preferences, culture, religion, budget, cooking skills, medical history and everything else that comes into play with our food choices, people want to know more about the agricultural practices that led to that food on our plate.

When it comes to action, words matter…

I’m on the road this week, travelling outside of my home country for work. I love to have something to read while in airports between flights and on flights in addition to work that can be done delightfully uninterrupted.
I just read “Defend Your Research – To Stop Bad Behavior, Display a Virtuous Quote”, and had to share some thoughts with you.

Can Fun be Part of Responsible Eating?

The short answer is…yes. Food and nutrition are fun to talk about. We have cooking channels, infomercials spewing nutrition nuggets to entice us to buy gadgets and make our workouts better, we swap recipes with friends, and rave over favorite dishes at a friend’s house or restaurant.

It’s fun to talk about food and nutrition when we want to…but what happens when we HAVE to talk about it?

Savor the Flavor of Eating Right

How can we celebrate on our plate every day? March is the perfect time to talk about this because it’s National Nutrition Month®, and this year’s theme, “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right,” is just perfect to talk about how those better choices stack up when your taste buds are in charge. Here are some easy tips inspired by each food group to help make your taste buds happy while caring for your health.