November Noshing with Health in Mind

November is Diabetes Month and with all the holiday parties, chances are, diabetes is on a lot of people’s minds—whether it’s you, your family, or someone at the party. How do you plan a party that caters to all your guests? Follow these three easy tips and you will be well on your way to celebrating the holidays with traditional treats that make everyone feel special—and still keep health in mind.

Back to School Meal Makeovers

Summer flew by and it’s time to get back to the books! Whether prepping for preschool, grade school, high school, or college, a little planning goes a long way. With the right ingredients and equipment, you can make fast and easy take-away meals that are better for you and your family when you’re on the go—whether it’s for school, work or play! Here are three simple ways to make mealtime simpler during the school year.

The (Internal) Wind Beneath Our Wings

When food and nutrition is your profession and you’re a dietitian with a sense of humor like me, you kind of know that it’s all about the ins and outs, including the musical accompaniment that certain foods provide us with, much to some people’s dismay.

The Complexity of Telling the Simple Truth about Food

In my recent travels and interactions with colleagues who share the job of helping educate the public about food, nutrition, and agriculture related to their purchasing decisions and health, it’s occurred to me that telling the truth and helping people understand the countless nuances of nutrition and agriculture in the quagmire of noise social media…